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Joining America Christian Fiction Writers

I’ve joined American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). The primary purpose for joining ACFW is to network with other writers and to learn more about the writing craft. The annual conference will be held in Indianapolis, IN this year, an easy 4 hour drive for me.  I’ve signed up to attend the 3 days of workshops. I’m hoping to meet with at least 2 agents when I attend the conference. Please pray that God will prepare me, my work and that I will connect with the people He desires. If it is His will for my work to find the way to publication, then it will be done. If it is not His will, it’s still a hobby I enjoy.

With ACFW membership, I’m allowed to join a critique group. Since joining the ACFW critique loop, my email box has been bombarded. I’m just reading what others are writing at this point. For every submission a writer makes to the critique group, he/she is expected to critique 2 other submissions. At this point, I’m not confident in my own skills to critique, but I’m learning by reviewing the other writers’ work and the constructive comments.

Did you notice my tag line changed?  Let me know what you think about “Sewing Seeds with Simple Stories.”

Last week I had the opportunity to work with teens at Camp Habitat, a Christian youth service camp. I spent 5 days painting and cleaning gutters for the elderly. This was my third year to work at the camp.  In the week preceding Camp Habitat, my mother-in-law suffered a serious health situation and her doctors gave us little hope for her survival. I am so happy to report that my prayer warriors received answered prayers. She has made a remarkable recovery. After getting through that crisis, my grandson had an accident. We’d planned to have a quiet family dinner before being thrown into the week of Camp Habitat. Instead, we spent the evening in the emergency room where a physician glued the gash in my grandson’s eyebrow. His sweet little eye could have been damaged permanently and I left the E.R. feeling thankful. I share this with you to remind you that any time we go out to serve God with the intention of sharing our faith, Satan attacks. I always expect it. Of course Satan can do nothing that God does not permit. Thank you to those of my friends who covered my family in prayer throughout these past difficult days.

I’m at 33,000 words in my third book (About half-way). Oh how I envy those writers who can plot a story and then write it. I’ve spent most of the day writing and my characters went to a place I wasn’t expecting. Now I have to figure out how to get them out that pickle.

Blessing to you all, until I post again.