Friendship, Faith, & Sisterhood

By Jessica R. Patch

When I think of sisters, I should immediately think of me and my older sister, but actually the Haynes sisters from White Christmas come to mind along with their signature song: “Sisters”. Maybe it’s because Christmas recently passed or it could just be the song. It sticks in your head. Ever heard it? No?

You’re welcome. J

My big sis is five years older than me. We didn’t have much in common growing up. She liked to make messes and play outside. I liked to stay clean and play Barbies and baby dolls inside. But we loved to ride our Honda 50 around town, making up songs, laughing. We shared late night giggles while taking turns drawing pictures on one another’s backs until the other guessed it. When I became a teenager, we did more things together. Double-dated (all disasters for me, all blame on her). Sometimes I went to work at Radio Shack with her. I have no clue why I enjoyed that so much. She took me to see MC Hammer and Boys II Men (have I dated myself?). We took up for each other. Defended one another.

Now we live states apart, but we still talk with one another. We pray for each other—something we never did growing up. Sad isn’t it? We’re close. Bonded by blood, faith, and more common interests than we had as kids! There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for one another no matter the miles that separate us. We would be friends if we weren’t sisters. I think that’s super cool!

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In Concealed Identity, my heroine Blair has a younger sister Gigi who lives with her.   They have a unique bond. And many of the choices Blair makes throughout the book is because of the love she has for her sister. Not only love because they’re sisters, but because they’re friends. It was a lot of fun writing about sisterhood. About being the big sister (since I’m not) and creating a character who would sacrifice so much, even herself for her sister. Her friend. I’d like to think I’d do the same. Although, I don’t see drug cartels coming after me with a vengeance. But I guess you never know!

Do you have a sister? Do you live close? Who’s oldest?

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About Jessica R. Patch

Jessica R. Patch lives in the mid-south where she pens inspirational contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. When she’s not hunched over her laptop or going on adventurous trips in the name of research with willing friends, you can find her watching way too much Netflix with her family and collecting recipes to amazing dishes she’ll probably never cook. Sign up for her newsletter at

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Shelia Stovall is a Southern, small-town librarian, and has an understanding of what women like to read. She is a member of ACFW and is currently the Treasurer of the Middle Tennessee ACFW Chapter. Shelia is a member of the Ky. Public Library Association and the American Library Association. Her short story, The Barber’s Sanctuary, won the fiction division of Kentucky Monthly’s sixth annual Writer’s Showcase in the November 2013 issue. Shelia is a weekly columnist for the Citizen-Times, based in Scottsville, Ky. Shelia’s Southern, small-town roots have given her an understanding of community and women's friendships. Her writing deals with difficult contemporary issues, but there’s always a thread of hope amid the calamity. Shelia is passionate about African missions and has traveled to Africa annually for the past four years. Community service is also important to Shelia, and she has volunteered as a crew chief for five years at Camp Habitat, (a Christian youth service camp that partners with Habitat for Humanity).

8 thoughts on “Friendship, Faith, & Sisterhood

  1. Melissa Henderson

    I have two sisters. One is 12 years older than me and the other is 17 years older than me. Yes, I was a surprise. Mama thought she had the flu. 🙂 We three sisters are very close. We love each other so much and love sharing time together.

    1. Post author

      You are blessed Melissa. I too have two sisters but I’m in the middle. I love them both dearly and we all attend the same church together. We are all so different, but also close. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

  2. Rose McCauley

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, ladies! I am the oldest of 4 sisters and 3 brothers. The sister next to me in age has already passed away, but I remember the two of us singing this song together, and it was always my fave part of this movie!

  3. Susan P

    Oh how fun! My family loves that movie and always sing “sisters” together. My two youngest daughters are two years apart and they claim this is their song. LOL. I don’t have any sisters so I have no clue what it was like to grow up with that camaraderie!

    1. Post author

      Hi Susan, Thanks for dropping by. I’m blessed with two sisters but I also have a friend who is like a sister. She only has brothers. The women in my Bible study are also like sisters to me. I hope you have such a group. My husband is a great guy, but sometimes only another woman truly understands what we are going through.

  4. Jackie Smith

    I am an “only”………and I would so love to have a sister! I have dear friends though and am thankful. I try not to be envious when I see sisters who are so close!
    I would love to read Jessica’s book!

    1. Post author

      Hi Jackie, I have a friend who is almost as close to me as my real sisters and the women in my Bible study group are also my Sisters in Christ. I’m hoping you have such friends in your life. We all need someone to share our joys and our sorrows. My husband is a great guy, but he just doesn’t understand like my women friends do. I hope you subscribed to my blog. I’ll draw a name from my subscribers on Saturday, January 21 and someone will win a free copy of Jessica’s book. Good luck and thanks for dropping by.


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