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The Hometown Bakery & Marketplace

I’m often asked from where my inspiration comes for my stories.  The simple answer is, my life. Dot’s Deluxe Diner (Known as the Triple D to the locals) is a favorite restaurant in the make-believe town of Weldon. I plan to add a new eating establishment in the third book of the series and it’s inspired by the new Hometown Bakery and Marketplace in Scottsville, Ky.  I first met the owner, Dana Moore when she catered the Downton Abbey Tea Party for the Friends of the Library.  Her blueberry scones with clotted cream were divine and her fruit tea will make you beg for the recipe.

I love stopping by the Hometown Bakery and Marketplace on my lunch break.  The tomato basil soup with a grilled smoked Gouda cheese sandwich is my favorite meal. It’s so good, I want to pick up the cup and drink every last drop. When I asked her about the recipe, she said, “I don’t have one.  I just throw in a little of this and a little of that, just like my grandmother taught me.”

Dana2Dana is a southern girl, born in Scottsville, but she has done something very  un-Southern. She’s shared a few of her recipes on her blog at https://southerngalscook.com/.  Visit her recipe box.  https://southerngalscook.com/recipes/.  I can’t wait to try her recipe for cold biscuit pudding, or her Granny Long’s coconut pie recipe. Her recipe for chicken and dumplings is award winning, and she’s had two recipes featured in Taste of Home Cookbooks. She also sells fresh produce. Last week she had crates of homegrown green beans, squash and tomatoes.

If you are in Scottsville, stop by the Hometown Bakery and enjoy a glass of sweet tea with Dana. You’ll be glad you did. Hometown_Bakery

You can also connect with the Hometown Bakery & Marketplace via Facebook. www.facebook.com/hometownbakerymarketplace/